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The International Crime and Intelligence Analysis conference, Manchester, UK 26-27 February 2015


Registration us now open for the International Crime and Intelligence Analysis conference.


This year’s programme includes presentations and instructional classes on tackling child sexual exploitation, predictive mapping, cybercrime, human trafficking, shop theft, and domestic violence.  Keynotes include presentations from Mark Evans (Deputy Chief Executive: Strategy, New Zealand Police), Jerry Ratcliffe (Professor of Criminal Justice, Temple University, Philadelphia), and Gloria Laycock, representing the UK’s What Works Centre for Crime Reduction.  The conference will also showcase the Association for Crime and Intelligence Analysts awards for excellence in analysis, and the most recent International Problem-oriented Policing award winner.


The conference appeals to practitioners and academics, albeit with all content directed at practical means for improving policing and public safety.


Crime Scene Photography

February 23-27, 2015


Course Title:        Modern Techniques in Forensic Art

Instructor:            Michael W. Streed

Location:               Baltimore Police Department Laboratory Section

601 E. Fayette St,

Baltimore, MD 21202

Dates:                    March 23 – 27, 2015

Times:                   8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST (lunch breaks given)

Registration:        $600

Contact Info:         Steven O’Dell                                                       Richard Remy


443-721-6387                                                         410-396-2294


Description:         Modern Techniques in Forensic Art is an enhanced basic forensic art course that

introduces the latest techniques and teachings in the discipline, by using traditional

methods blended with computer technology.  At the conclusion of the course,

attendees will be well versed on updated techniques for completing the suspect

composite and depicting the unidentified deceased using hand-drawn or computer

based methods.